Monday: Bomb Girls, Seed, Winnipeg Comedy Festival


Bomb Girls, Global – “Kings and Pawns”
Gladys is torn between her patriotic duty and her friendship with the girls. Meanwhile, Lorna wrestles with her family’s changing dynamics and Marco feels trapped when he realizes that the people he thought were on his side are working against him.

Seed, City – “Always Use a Condo”
As Harry (Adam Korson) and Rose (Carrie-Lynn Neales) prepare for a preschool interview, Harry learns that Rose lied on the application, covering up what she perceives to be his biggest flaws. Meanwhile, Michelle (Amanda Brugel) and Zoey (Stephanie Anne Mills) realize that Billy (William Ainscough) is old enough for “the talk,” but can’t agree on how to go about it.

Winnipeg Comedy Festival, CBC – “Characters?”
Reality TV is 100% real, isn’t it? Find out during our “Characters” gala hosted by reality star Shannon Tweed, who hosts this show of impertinent impressions, celebrity mockery, and stunning performances.


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  1. Ha! I like Prawns better though. I copied and pasted this from their scheduling media release so they get credit for the error and the correct one, whichever is which!

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