Mr. Hockey sentimental but engrossing

From John Doyle of The Globe & Mail:

Mr. Hockey is a well-told tale for playoff time
We approach this type of TV movie with some trepidation. Well, I do anyway. The abominable two CBC movies about Don Cherry set a new low in hockey drama – groan-inducing, obvious, sanitized and trite. There is plenty of sentimentality in Mr. Hockey (no surprise it will air in the United States on the Hallmark Channel next week), but it’s a well-told, engrossing movie that has fine performances. The tropes of hockey movies are there, but there’s wit, too, and an occasional sharp edge. Continue reading.


One thought on “Mr. Hockey sentimental but engrossing”

  1. Lol, what does it say about me that I thoroughly enjoyed watching those “abominable” Don Cherry movies but found “brilliant” shows such as Mad Men yawn-inducing?

    Looking forward to seeing the Gordie Howe movie. I’m a big hockey fan.

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