Sunday: Mr. Hockey, Vikings, Continuum


Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story, CBC
The inspirational TV movie tells the tale of hockey legend Gordie Howe’s epic return to the ice to play with his sons, depicting the Howe family as they prepare for a comeback that has been labeled “the biggest publicity stunt in hockey history.”

Vikings, History – “All Change” season finale
Directed by Canadian Ken Girotti, “All Change” sees Ragnar travel to Gotaland (modern day Sweden) to resolve a land dispute with the area’s leader, Jarl Borg. Ragnar’s renown precedes him and Jarl Borg is intrigued – has he found a new ally, or is Ragnar just a puppet of the king? Meanwhile in Kattegat, with a plague taking its toll on the village, the people look to Lagertha to help appease the gods.

Continuum, Showcase – “Split Second”
Kiera and Carlos’s reunion is a bumpy one as they attempt to thwart Liber8’s brazen hijacking of a prison transfer. Meanwhile, Kellog approaches Alec with an enticing partnership proposition. The young genius is tempted, but will it lead him down a dark path?