Monday: Bomb Girls, Seed, Winnipeg Comedy Festival

image005Bomb Girls, Global – “Blood Relations” season finale

Kate’s glow in the wake of her happy reunion with her mother and her upcoming wedding is dimmed by the reappearance of Detective Brodie and his questions about her father’s death. Meanwhile, Clifford offers Gladys an unexpected opportunity, Lorna grapples with some serious decisions and Betty demonstrates the ultimate expression of love.

Seed, City – “At Your Cervix” season finale
While rehearsing for labour, Rose (Carrie-Lynn Neales) becomes frustrated with Harry’s (Adam Korson) inabilities as a birthing partner. Meanwhile, Zoey (Stephanie Anne Mills) and Michelle (Amanda Brugel) decide whether or not now is the best time for them to have another child of their own. Plus, Anastasia (Abby Ross) feels betrayed when she finds out that Jonathan (Matt Baram) wasn’t there for her own birth.

Winnipeg Comedy Festival, CBC – “Save the World Telethon”
Save The World Telethon is a parody of old school telethons as an excuse to bring a great night of comedy variety entertainment with the good natured and multi-talented Alan Thicke hosting.