4 thoughts on “Kristin Lehman on Motive’s success”

  1. “ABC, they cut good trailers. It’s fun, it’s slick, it’s awesome. But it’s such a dramatic departure from the way we promoted it.” The way CTV promoted it!?!: “Motive. Sunday night. Watch it!” Maybe I’m oversimplifying, but if I’m am… Tough. No-holds-barred. Deal with it!

  2. In all seriousness, though, that’s one of the most interesting parts of the conversation. I saw the ABC promo several times during watching TV down here last week. (I’m in L.A. right now) and I was struck by how light, and how funny both it and Rookie Blue are meant to feel.

    Motive is by no means a laff riot show. But the ABC promo zips. It brings you in, it’s “sticky” — and you know, it’s not so much that the promo’s job is to accurately reflect the content of the show — it’s meant to get you to the starting gate. And U.S. network promos are masters at that. (And even THEN 80% of the shows fail.)

    I think Canadian networks often cut too-earnest promos that are driven all by v/o and then they play them to death and wear them out.

    U.S. nets — especially FOX, also do this genius sneaky thing sometimes where they cut footage from the next TWO episodes into the promo — so it doesn’t spoil or give away what the plot is, and the mixing of moments can even be a bit of a misdirect.

    There’s a science to it. They’re very good at it. I learn things about my craft all the time watching programs from all over the world. I wish I had the sense that Canadian promo was as open to learning how to do things a little better.

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