Pascale Hutton on Arctic Air’s third season


From Craig Takeuchi of the Georgia Straight:

Arctic Air’s Pascale Hutton looks forward to what’s in store for Season Three
“The first season’s always a bit of gong show,” she tells the Georgia Straight at a CBC season preview event at District 319. “Everybody’s trying to scramble and figure things out. I felt like in second season, we learned so much. And I feel like in third season, we’ve kind of sat down and the writers have sat down with the producers and with CBC, and they’ve looked at the two seasons and they’re kind of marrying the best of what was happening in the first season and what was happening in the second season and moving forward into the third season.” Continue reading.


One thought on “Pascale Hutton on Arctic Air’s third season”

  1. What I really like about this show is the strong characters that have been developed. I find that the problem with a lot of Canadian shows is that there’s a lack of good couples to ship and a lack of likeable complex characters. Too often, Canadian shows are too story driven rather than character-driven or the characters are much too simplified–there’s a lack of layers to them. It’s why the bulk of Canadian shows never make it to my top shows list. There just aren’t those characters I love rather than just like.

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