6 thoughts on “Astral cancels Rogue”

  1. WHAT? It is made in Canada by a Canadian company. Its US broadcaster renews it. Then one of its Canadian broadcasters drops it. That makes sense.

    In other news, Amber Dowling of TV Guide has suggested with her phrasing that Astral Media has also purchased Corus’ Movie Central. Either i missed something really big or she screwed up.

    Since i believe Amber screwed up i am going to ask, what about Movie Central offering season 2 of Rogue?

  2. Yes, Astral and Corus are separate though those channels tend to program together. Corus hasn’t announced a renewal either – I’d be surprised if they kept it when Astral is dropping it.

  3. Diane or anyone, can you think of another example of a Canadian or Canadian-British or Canadian-American or Canadian-Irish show being renewed elsewhere but cancelled in Canada?

    Astral still has the first episode available on their website and well apparently Super Écran also offers Rogue. Now with Super Écran owned by Astral i would assume both TMN and SE are dropping Rogue. Astral dropping it doesn’t cancel it because it is still being made. Just a day before it was announced as renewed for its US broadcast. Corus could theoretically remain the broadcaster of the show in Canada and leave fans east of Manitoba and north of the US SOL.

    If DirecTV didn’t want a 2nd season then i too wouldn’t expect Corus to commission a 2nd season but since season 2 got a green light in the US why not offer it in Canada? It seems really strange to have a CanCon show that is set in the US and not available in Canada. Does that not deserve a great big “WTF?”?

    1. It’s barely CanCon – I can’t muster any concern for it. But as I said, both Corus and Astral have cancelled it so it won’t be airing in Canada unless another broadcaster buys it, which given the ratings and reviews seems unlikely.

      1. So Corus has now cancelled its involvement too? Well that comment appeared while i had forgotten to click ‘post comment’ on the other one and i didn’t look when the page refreshed.

        “Shot in Vancouver in 2012, the series is a Canada/UK co-production from Entertainment One (eOne) and Greenroom Entertainment, produced in participation with The Movie Network, Movie Central and DIRECTV. Rogue is executive produced by renowned UK producer/director Nick Hamm for Greenroom Entertainment; John Morayniss and Michael Rosenberg for eOne; and Steven Marrs from Momentum Entertainment Group. Series creator Matthew Parkhill (The Caller) serves as writer and supervising producer.” — a Corus press release from 9 January.

        That seems roughly as much CanCon as Haven or Transporter or Continuum or Copper or Being Human or Orphan Black or Beauty & The Beast is. Nevertheless it is a CanCon show, even if ‘barely’, that is only going to be available to Americans. That just seems wrong. Why couldn’t they take Mr D instead!

        The US reviews and viewer comments seem to indicate that after a somewhat unimpressive start Rogue ended up being really good. Word of its renewal and the favourable response to that is what had me look into it this week. As for the ratings, i don’t think i have ever seen anything for any programme on Movie Central or The Movie Network, and only a few press releases for Audience or The 101 so the absence of anything for Rogue is about normal.

        If Astral decides to pull out of Call Me Fitz while DIrecTV wants a 5th season that i would be more concerned about. This with Rogue suggests it could happen since many of the parties are involved with both shows.

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