TV, eh? podcast episode 141 – “Buttsquat & Squirt Under The Dome”


Diane and Anthony chat about this week in Canadian TV, plus The Next Star premieres July 15, Camp Lakebottom premieres July 4, Chef’s Domain on July 2, Carlo Rota hosting Recipe to Riches, and new funding models for TV.

Beverage update: pink grapefruit Perrier, mint chocolate and strawberry rooibos.

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2 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 141 – “Buttsquat & Squirt Under The Dome””

  1. Louis Del Grande’s show was “Seeing Things”. I still sing the theme song and my wife denies knowing of the show. Very few people remember it but I have fond memories of it and have all the shows on my computer. CBC needs to release it on DVD in a decent quality.

  2. Right, can’t remember what Anthony said but I’ll say he was wrong, wrong, wrong anyway :) I interviewed David Barlow (writer/producer of The Border and King) last year and that was his first writing credit and he co-created it – lucky break into the industry.

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