New Wednesday: The Listener

The Listener, CTV – “Buckle Up”
While investigating a team of violent thieves who impersonate police officers to pull off heists, Toby (Craig Olejnik) realizes he knows one of the key players. With the crimes terrifying citizens, Klein (Peter Stebbings) and Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) decide sending Toby undercover is their best chance of catching them. Determined to advance his standing with the IIB, Toby insists he’s ready and his telepathy will keep him from danger.


13 thoughts on “New Wednesday: The Listener”

  1. why did Lauren Lee Smith change her hair, it looked so cute before. Now it looks like a bad wig.

  2. Hi from The Listener production team, thanks for the feedback. Lauren’s hair was damaged when she went from red back to blonde to start filming last fall, and eventually had to be cut as a result. Given that episodes and certain scenes are shot out of order (e.g. we shot the Season 4 premiere in Vancouver halfway through production, after her hair had been cut), she had to wear a wig for consistency’s sake in just a few instances. Her hair is all natural in most episodes, including tonight’s.

    1. The wig is SO distracting. I am sorry that the producers didn’t think she merited a better wig.

  3. Thanks for the info! The person I replied to with that tweeted photo thought the wig looked great. Eye of the beholder.

  4. I’ve only seen two episodes but right away noticed that Craig Olejnik’s hair looks way too black, not natural and has too much make-up on. Looks like he’s wearing rouge. It should be toned down.

    1. I had exactly the same reaction to Craig’s weirdly heavy, unnaturally black hair. He looks like a Lego man. The cut is bad, the styling is bad, and the colour is bad. (Did they dye his eyebrows, too?)

  5. The nice thing about hair, makeup & clothing is that it’s the only area besides the writing that everyone feels qualified to weigh in on.

  6. Just saying as a viewer….. the wig was distracting to me watching the show. It’s bad. Now that I KNOW it’s a wig and not poor styling, I’ll go back to just watching the show and hope her hair grows quickly.

  7. I am watching The Listener right now at 11 PM Pacific time and if that is her natural hair go back to the ugly wig

  8. Lose the wig! It’s terrible. Go back to your natural beautiful self. Logan and you have natural chemistry, it looks like you and husband are forcing it to work

  9. Plot hole alert – a mind-reading paramedic that gets attached to a police agency, but stays in Toronto and doesn’t get scooped by the NSA/CSIS/Russians/whoever, because too many people know his power…………..naaaaah, can’t suspend my disbelief that badly.

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