Tiny Plastic Men season 2 in production


From a media release:


Hockey hero Georges Laraque, The Toxic Avenger creator Lloyd Kaufman, X-ray specs with real radiation, a homicidal robot, mechanized octopus arms, and an orgasmic cup and ball game: production has begun for Season 2 of Tiny Plastic Men, and this is just some of what will be featured in the new season of the award winning comedy series.

Airing on national premium pay TV network Super Channel and brought to you by Edmonton based production company Mosaic Entertainment, this season of Tiny Plastic Men is pushing the boundaries of Canadian television both on screen and off. The series follows a trio of misfit man-boy toy testers (Co-Creators, Writers, and Stars, Chris Craddock, Matt Alden and Mark Meer) and their absurd antics at the fictional Gottfried Brothers Toy and Train Company. The stories rise to a whole new level of insanity as each episode is punctuated by bizarre comedy sketches taking viewers into other worlds. This season, fans will see laser eye surgery gone horribly wrong, witness Super Stalin teaming up with Mighty Mao and Captain Cuba, join Werewolf Cop as he arrests classic and not so classic monsters, and find out what would happen to Canadians in a zombie apocalypse. Back by popular demand is the adorable yet deadly animated character, Kitten Assassin, who is not only featured in more sketches this season but has also crossed the broadcast line into video game world as he the star of his own mobile video game app for IOS and Android.

This season will be host to some unique guest stars, including the return of former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque reprising his role as openly gay linebacker and toy spokesperson Gaston LeBoeuf. And the Tiny Plastic Men family is excited to announce that Lloyd Kaufman, legendary independent filmmaker and President and Co-Founder of Troma Entertainment will be making an appearance this season in an episode paying homage to the (in)famously campy film The Toxic Avenger.

“Mr. Kaufman is a giant in the world of classic B cinema and he’s been an inspiration to us since childhood. It’s really a dream come true that the creator of The Toxic Avenger is going to be in our tribute to that movie.” Chris Craddock, Co-Creator and Star of Tiny Plastic Men.

Other returning members to Season 2 of Tiny Plastic Men include Animator and Contributing Writer Riley Beach, Director and Alberta Film and Television Award winner Francis Damberger, and stars John B. Lowe, Jesse Gervais, and Alberta Film and Television Award winner Belinda Cornish. Francis Damberger and Belinda Cornish have also both won Alberta Film and Television Awards and been nominated for Canadian Comedy Awards for their work in Season One. Tiny Plastic Men is produced by Mosaic Entertainment and Executive Producers, Camille Beaudoin, Eric Rebalkin, and Jesse Lipscombe.

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