New Monday: Satisfaction, Amazing Race Canada, The Next Star


Satisfaction, CTV – “Penis Face Cat Funeral”
Maggie (Leah Renee) takes on the challenge of planning a funeral for Bea’s (Nikki Payne) recently deceased cat. In the meantime, Jason (Luke Macfarlane) informs Mark (Ryan Belleville) that he’s run into their old antagonizing college don, David Blowman (guest star Jerry O’Connell). Mark is not impressed. David not only tortured Mark through most of university, he drew a penis on his face one night that left a permanent scar! With Jason’s persuasion, Mark reluctantly gives David a second chance and meets up for beers and chit chat. As it turns out, David’s actually changed for the better. But Mark can’t get over what he did, so he decides to resolve the situation the only way he knows how; by waiting for David to pass out and drawing a penis on his face. Meanwhile, funeral plans for “Tuxedo” don’t go as smoothly as hoped, and Maggie ends up offending Bea and her dead cat. Now, she has to really commit to the memory of “Tuxedo,” and put on the best damn cat funeral Bea has ever seen. Now if she can just figure out where she left the cat’s corpse…? With a penis now on his face, David announces to Jason and Mark not only that he’s gay, but that today is the day he tells his parents. Now, Jason and Mark have to figure out how to get the penis off his face, without letting him know it’s there in the first place.

Amazing Race Canada, CTV
The race around the country continues as the remaining teams compete for the historic half-a-million dollar grand prize.

The Next Star, YTV – Auditions part 3
Auditions continue in Toronto and the Next Star Judges are blown away by all the musical talent. The six-city audition tour wraps up in Winnipeg and as we round out the Top 12 kids who will move on to the next round of the competition in Toronto! Host Carlos Bustamante reveals the kids that the Judges think deserve a second shot at the spotlight as this seasons Wildcard.