New Wednesday: The Listener


The Listener, CTV – “The Long Con”
In an effort to snag an elusive human trafficker, Toby (Craig Olejnik) and Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) team up with a career con artist.


3 thoughts on “New Wednesday: The Listener”

  1. Why do I know Brigett ( the con artist) from another Canadian show?????? Its driving me NUTZ!!!!!!

  2. That was the lovely Gina Holden, known for her roles in Blood Ties, Flash Gordon and Harper’s Island.

    1. Canadian TV series should mention guest stars more in their weekly episode press releases. It won’t influence most people, but for a few extra syllables in the blurb it might add a few extra viewers that week. There are series I watch only occasionally, so each week I’m looking for a reason to tune in — and sometimes an actor/actress I like will be the decider. I think Cracked tries to do that (though it goes too far, sometimes listing a “guest star” who’s only in one scene!) but a lot of Canadian series don’t.

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