Cracked adapts for season 2


From Scott Stinson of the National Post:

‘Cracked’ takes a second swing at success
The show itself had a rather grey-area first year. Was it a police procedural or a show about mental illness? A modest success, it was renewed for a second season with significant changes in mind. A new showrunner was put in charge, with Bruce Smith, who was part of the writing team, taking over for Tracey Forbes. More noticeable to viewers is the replacement of co-lead Stefanie von Pfetten, who played the psychiatrist on the police unit. Her character is quickly dispensed with in the Season 2 opener, having been relocated for family reasons. That leaves an opening for a new doctor, and as it happens the team crosses paths with a suitable candidate, played by Brooke Nevin (Chicago Fire), right away. Fortuitous! Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Cracked adapts for season 2”

  1. I heard that the male lead was the one that forced the changes. That he didn’t like working for the female show runner or with his co-star. Makes me dislike him quite a bit and the CBC for cowtailing to an actor’s misogyny (if indeed these rumours are true)

  2. I heard the lead actress was difficult to work with and the show runner did not effectively run the series…

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