Murdoch Mysteries sets sail

From Alex Strachan of Postmedia:

Inspector Murdoch at sea in Murdoch Mysteries season premiere
Intrepid Inspector Murdoch is at sea, metaphorically and literally (well, a lake), when Murdoch Mysteries returns for a seventh season Monday. A prominent shipping magnate has received a threat aboard a steamer, the S.S. Keewatin, during is its maiden voyage on Lake Ontario, on Victoria Day no less, and avowed landlubber Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) must shake out his sea legs and calm his queasy stomach to get to the bottom of the mystery. He’s still recovering from his emotional separation from Julia Ogden (Héléne Joy), and he hopes the new mystery will take his mind off recent events, if only temporarily. Continue reading.

From Ed Conroy of BlogTO:

That time when Murdoch Mysteries went to sea
Murdoch Mysteries kicks off its new season on Monday night with a salty sea-bound whodunit that not only showcases how polished this homegrown chestnut has become during its seven years on air, but also serves up a slice of legit historical Canadian rolled gold – the S.S. Keewatin, last of the great lakes passenger steamships. Continue reading.