Cracked attempts to come out of its shell

From Bill Brioux of TV Feeds My Family:

Can Cracked come out its shell in Season Two
The Toronto-based drama, about a Psychic Crimes Unit, barely cracked the half-million viewers aq week mark in its first season last spring. Cash-strapped CBC renewed it, but tentatively, granting it an eight week fall run. That’s not much time to turn around a series. While its tempting to say Cracked was broken, the consensus is the drama was too dark and downbeat last season. Continue reading.

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2 thoughts on “Cracked attempts to come out of its shell”

  1. Try to support Canadian broadcasting but this season – Cracked – not off to a good beginning. Replacement of the doc, poor choice, why not a n older, mature woman ?

    Cracked was not broken last year, its difference from other shows is what drew watchers to it – at least it did for us : ).

    And since when does Aidan smile, the more laid back, almost goofiness was strange.

    1. This seems to be a popular opinion among the fans. I have no idea why they decided to make such drastic changes, but it chased away their entire audience.

      It’s such a disappointment. I used to really like Cracked as well as Dr. Daniella. Adding a younger doctor to make the season “more playful” sounds stupid and insulting to me. Not to mention highly unrealistic.

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