New Monday: Call Me Fitz, Package Deal, Murdoch Mysteries, Cracked, Project: Guatemala

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Call Me Fitz, Movie Central/TMN – season premiere
Starring Jason Priestley as Richard “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, a morally flawed car salesman, Call Me Fitz returns for a fourth season, but things have changed. With a new baby in the house – Elaine’s swinging party pad, no less – Larry thinks it’s the perfect time to dig out the family photo album, empty old boxes in the basement, and discover what made the Fitzpatricks the class-A derelicts they are today. Every new piece of the Fitzpatrick past that Larry uncovers sheds more light on the family’s twisted history, while fueling the dysfunctional fire between them and, in the end, unearthing a nemesis hell-bent on eradicating the Fitzpatricks and their way of life.

Package Deal, City – “Prank Wars”
Danny (Randal Edwards), Sheldon (Harland Williams), and Ryan (Jay Malone) have a long and storied tradition of pranking one another. When the brothers replace Danny’s bed with a giant vat of water, Danny officially declares the start of the prank war. Feeling completely excluded, Kim (Julia Voth) tries to join in on the fun by pranking Sheldon, but her intricate plan backfires.

Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Tour de Murdoch”
When a competitor dies during a bicycle race, Murdoch suspects he was killed by large doses of a mysterious stimulant. Guest star: Sean Cullen

Cracked, CBC – “The Price”
Members of a rock band (Toronto’s “The Balconies”) are the victims of a brazen shooting in a downtown nightclub. Aidan and Clara have to determine whether the key witness – an ex-model with a shady past – is truly suffering from traumatic amnesia or lying to conceal the identity of the killer. Guest stars: Monika Schnarre, Bruce Ramsay, Lochlyn Munro, The Balconies.

The Project: Guatemala, OLN & City – “Bus Troubles”
A great day in Lake Atitlan puts the participants in a good mood, but it quickly turns to disaster when things unravel on the ride home, forcing someone to leave the camp for good. Catch The Project Live online at following The Project: Guatemala. Co-hosted by Rachel David (Rogers Your World This Week) and Adam Wylde (KiSS 92.5), the half-hour digital after show gives fans the opportunity to interact with the host and cast about what happened on The Project: Guatemala this week.


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  1. Cracked brings on this character named Clara, but then they hardly use her. Aidan is in every scene! It’s so unrealistic. He can’t be everywhere all the time! They need to cut down his screen time and focus on the other characters so they won’t be so cardboard. It’s like it’s the “Aidan Black Show.”

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