Call Me Fitz faces fatherhood


From Scott Stinson of the National Post:

Father knows less on Call Me Fitz
Richard Fitzpatrick remains an a-hole. After three seasons in which the used car salesman played by Jason Priestley was governed entirely by his remarkably unstrained id, where he drank, lied, cheated, swilled, swindled, fornicated and betrayed with abandon, the fourth season of Call Me Fitz had the potential for a watershed moment: the anti-hero was now a father. Continue reading.

From Melissa Hank of Postmedia:

Jason Priestley relishes bad-boy role on Call Me Fitz
Jason Priestley laughs as he remembers the time he had sex with a nun in a church. Ditto the time he let an HIV-infected baboon run wild, the primate all hopped up on erectile dysfunction meds. Knee-slapper stories, both of them. Continue reading.

From Chloe Tejada of Huffington Post Canada:

Jason Priestley On ‘Call Me Fitz’ Season 4: He Wants You To Watch It (Even If You’ve Never Heard Of It)
Chances are you haven’t heard of the TV show “Call Me Fitz,” even though the series airs in multiple countries around the world, including Canada. Continue reading.