Can Canada afford to make brilliant television?

From Bill Brioux of TV Feeds My Family:

John Doyle demands a Canadian TV Inquest
Even when our cable or specialty channels invest in Canadian content, the result is “deflating and inadequate,” he finds. Hard to argue with that, although I’d say Slings & Arrows was a brilliant Canadian specialty show, and Less Than Kind punched above its weight. These shows, however, rarely earn their keep in Canada. If CBC managed its appropriation right, it could indulge in a loss leader or two to distinguish its brand. A Haddock hour, drawing 300,000 a week, would give a CBC schedule a golden sheen you could not find on the private channels. Continue reading.


One thought on “Can Canada afford to make brilliant television?”

  1. Can Canada afford to make brilliant television?

    Can Canada make brilliant television?

    Will Canada make brilliant television?

    Will Canada make so-so to ok television?

    It is the same as in the USA, the most brilliant shows are the ones noone watches, regardless of them being on CBC or HBO Canada. They aren’t Survivor or Duck Dynasty or The Voice, which everyone or/and their mother watches..

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