New Sunday: Heartland, Battle of the Blades, Meet the Family


Heartland, CBC – “Living the Moment”
Amy and Ty find the ranch of their dreams, while Peter attempts to mediate when Georgie and Olivia come to blows.

Battle of the Blades, CBC – Performance 3 – Theme: International Beat
The theme is International Beat and seven pairs will compete with new routines set to contemporary and classic international hits, with a focus on rhythm and footwork. The bottom two pairs facing elimination will be announced live and will compete in a head-to-head Skate-Off to complete the hour.

Meet the Family, City – “Devil Dad”
Mike and Marissa are taking their relationship to the next level: meeting the family. What Mike doesn’t know is that Marisa’s family is played by actors determined to give him a hard time. Mom’s an extreme cheapskate, serving food from a dumpster, sister Hannah needs help with some “acting exercises,” and brother Jason is all right – but his puppet is a real jerk. Most frightening of all, Dad lets Mike in on his devilish secret.

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