New Monday: Murdoch Mysteries, Cracked, Package Deal, The Project Guatemala


Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch”
After a man is shot in a movie house, Thomas Edison becomes a suspect and Murdoch is drawn into the behind-the-scenes drama of James Pendrick’s filmmaking venture. Guest stars: Peter Stebbings, Charlotte Sullivan.

Cracked, CBC – “The Valley”
When a schizophrenic young man living in the Rosedale Valley ravine is found murdered, Psych Crimes is called to a puzzling scene: the location has been cleaned and the body carefully posed. What starts out as a murder investigation becomes a quest to save a family and avert another disastrous outcome. Guests stars: Martha Burns, R.H. Thomson, Mayko Nguyen, Chloe Rose, Jordan Gavaris.

Package Deal, City – “I Love You???”
After uttering “I love you” to Kim (Julia Voth) without any response, Danny (Randal Edwards) is unsure about the state of their relationship. When he asks his brothers for help, they convince him to take his “I love you” back, leaving Kim feeling hurt. Meanwhile, Sheldon’s (Harland Williams) new big-and-tall coffin business sends Ryan (Jay Malone) into a pit of despair, as he is forced to confront his fear of death – and caskets.

The Project: Guatemala, OLN/City – “Inappropriate Behaviour”
In order to make a contribution to the community centre grounds, the participants work in various local industries to learn what a day’s wage can buy in Guatemala. Later, host Ray Zahab’s adventure challenge takes everyone to Monterrico to get a taste of life on the coast, including fishing in the Mangroves and climbing for coconuts. Back at Project Somos, the girls’ inappropriate behaviour lands them in hot water. Plus, catch the half-hour digital after show The Project Live online at following the show. Drew, Kalin, Nikki, and Tianna join co-hosts Rachel David (Rogers Your World This Week) and Adam Wylde (KiSS 92.5) to chat about what happened on The Project: Guatemala this week.


2 thoughts on “New Monday: Murdoch Mysteries, Cracked, Package Deal, The Project Guatemala”

  1. This episode of Murdoch Mysteries was probably the most fun episode to watch. It was amusing to see Jonny Harris playing George Crabtree playing Detective Murdoch. When George Crabtree suggests the title be changed i loved his expression. What really got to me was the bit about Pendrick’s staying in Toronto and having the productions exhibited in Italy and France and England because they don’t need the USA and Thomas Edison’s network of theatres. For a show that has been sold all over the world and been popular for years and only recently got picked up on a semi-national level by an obscure US cable channel that insisted upon a change to the title of the show this is the perfect in-show FU to the USA. I just can’t believe that they actually allowed that.

  2. Perhaps someone could tell Pam Anderson that her breast silicones are shifting!-Low cut tops are not advisable until that is fixed.Who wants to look at lumpy ones!?

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