TV, eh? podcast episode 154 – “Such a Head-Up-Their-Butt Industry”


Anthony and Diane babble about Canadian TV news including cable bundle busting, and opine about the state of the industry, including that controversial golden age discussion.

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4 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 154 – “Such a Head-Up-Their-Butt Industry””

  1. Great discussion. I think the time for more Canadian TV is now. Speaking as someone who has not cut the cable, choice is a good thing. If the U.S. networks don’t make me want to tune in, I would want to choose to watch Canadian shows. I hope this makes some sense.

  2. Great episode. The think piece was right on the money Diane, well said. We are the primary market and OUR industry should value canadian content above american content. What bothers me about television in Canada is that the popular american shows that our networks purchase are already being shown on the americans stations which we already have access to. So instead of using that money to further our own creativity, from the consumers perspective, we are just doubling up on what is already there. It kind of rendures our industry a bit redundant. I’ve been a long time listener to you podcast, proudly, but what lead me here was the serious lack of discussion that canadian tv ( especially movies) has in this country. I think cutting the cord will scare our industry into seeing the value in owning their own content. More so than unbundling channels, I think the even more focused system of online streaming like netflix is where things are headed. It could mean either death of blossom for our industry but at least something will finally happen.

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