New Sunday: Heartland, Battle of the Blades


Heartland, CBC – “The Penny Drops”
As Amy and Ty work to help a mare and foal through a difficult weaning process, Mallory’s discovery that Jake is planning to leave Hudson forces her to re-examine the choices she has made.

Battle of the Blades, CBC – “Performance 5”
Theme: Iconic Duos


3 thoughts on “New Sunday: Heartland, Battle of the Blades”

  1. very very disapointed in the results of battle of the blades shae lynn and anson were by far the better of the 2 in the skate off. there routine was amazing the smoothness and the tetnikle was by far just blew me away. i have watched battle of the blades since it started in 2009. i feel the judges have had it in for this pair. nothing was good enough no matter what there skate was. the week of foot work they were amazing and they still went to the skate off they had one of the best routines. as far as the judge p j stock is a poor judge it seems like he just pulls a number out of his hat. shae lynn has been robbed all her skating career from the olympics to the battle of the blades. shame on you 3 judges. you voted of the wrong pair off. it seems no matter what they did it wasnt good enough for the judges they seemed to have somthing negative to say. i will not be watching the remainder of this show. again shame on you all.

  2. Great to hear! such a talented ensemble. impressed with storylines, characters etc. i love the comedic chemistry between Craig and Ennis, and to mention the fact that its filmed in Canada so it kinda feels like i have a personal connection because i see places that ive actually been to. i hope this show runs for many many seasons…it is just a bonus that Craig is sooo…pretty to look at.:P
    Congrats to everyone and keep up the amazing job

    Love From Winnipeg

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