Japanizi brings wackiness to Canada

From Scott Stinson of the National Post:

Japanizi brings the wacky Japanese game show to Canada
Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!, produced by Toronto’s Marblemedia, which also developed Splatalot, is filmed at “a secret location somewhere in Canada” (spoiler: Toronto) and is a faithful adaptation of the Japanese game-show experience. The studio set is decorated in garish, bright colours, the host and judge are Japanese and even the studio audience, recruited locally, is comprised entirely of excited people doing their best to hoot, cheer and aaaah like the audience in a Japanese production. (They also look the part.) Only the kid contestants, who arrive on the set blindfolded and know just that they are participating in a game show, are not in on the fact that they are being plunked into the middle of a Japanese experience. Continue reading.