Recaps: Republic of Doyle

From Eleni Armenakis of TV Guide Canada:

‘Republic of Doyle’: Jake’s a dad!
What an emotional roller coaster Republic of Doyle is taking me on this season. After the heartwrenching devastation of the past two weeks, “Young Guns” took things in an entirely different direction, seeing Jake gain a long-lost daughter after losing the love of his life. Continue reading.

From Christopher White of Unapologetic Canadian:

Episode Recap: Republic of Doyle – “Young Guns”
It’s Hostage Taking Week at CBC! At least I think it is, judging by the similarly themed episodes of Crossing Lines and Republic of Doyle. Maybe it’s all part of some greater CBC meta-narrative, setting up a shared universe that runs through all of the Ceeb’s programing with this week’s Doyle/Murdoch Mysteries cross-over just a tease of what’s to come? Next month: Arctic Air discovers Captain Canuck frozen in ice after sixty years! Continue reading.