Recaps: Cracked season finale

From Greg David of TV Guide Canada:

‘Cracked’: The devil in the details
Cracked has gone to many dark places this season. A trucker targeting Native Canadian women. A damaged man keeping a girl in his basement as a plaything. A child soldier seeking revenge on the man who commanded him in Africa. Like I said, dark stuff. Continue reading.

From Christopher White of Unapologetic Canadian:

Episode Recap: Cracked Season 2 Finale
I remember interning at the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office and unwinding at the end of the day with my fellow students guffawing at CSI: Miami. Every incomprehensibly lit lab scene, every bizarre science gadget, every patented Caruso pun would set off a chorus of “That’s not what it’s like in real life!”. After watching my first episode of Cracked, I understand the value of those creative liberties. A police procedural where people just sit around talking and looking at computer screens – while factually accurate – isn’t as exciting to watch. Continue reading.