Fans to influence DisneyXD’s Fangbone pilot

From a media release:



Disney XD is putting the ‘fan’ in Fangbone by giving viewers the power to call the shots for its latest pilot. The network’s new animated adventure follows the epic journey of a nine-year-old barbarian warrior and is getting an early start on where viewers can influence the pilot’s creative direction by voting for what they want to hear. Feedback from Disney XD fans on the interactive website will be incorporated into the show ahead of its network premiere in late January 2014.


“We are always making original content with fans in mind, and this approach gives us the chance to get the fans involved and invested from the get go,” said Michael Goldsmith, Director, Original Programming, Disney XD. “By allowing them to weigh in during the decision making process, we’re able to better serve our viewers and create a show that they feel connected to.”

As part of the at-home adventure, fans who visit are able to weigh in on some of the most central elements to the show. Navigated by the comical Twinklestick, of the Mighty Wizard Clan, site visitors will watch two scenes and can vote on which features they prefer. They will have the opportunity to choose the voices of the title character Fangbone, and his loyal friend, Bill, as well as select between a dramatic or quirky musical score for a battle scene where the pair faces off against the evil Tyrano-pug. Voting opens today and will continue for the next five weeks.

“We could not be more excited to be sharing Fangbone with the Disney XD audience and to have them help us make creative decisions,” said Michelle Melanson Cuperus, VP of Production & Development at Radical Sheep Productions. “This ensures we make a show that viewers will love.”

Fangbone is a fish-out-of-water comedy adventure series based on the bestselling graphic novel series, Fangbone: Third Grade Barbarian, by Michael Rex. The title character is a young barbarian warrior from Skullbania who travels through a magical portal into the suburbs of our world and lands suddenly in Eastwood Elementary’s third grade class. His mission: to protect the blackened big toe of the Venomous Drool from being reunited with its master – the evilest sorcerer in current day existence. With the help of his new sidekick Bill, Fangbone embarks on a quest to outwit Drool’s monsterish minions while discovering the modern world.

The pilot for Fangbone was developed and produced by Radical Sheep Productions Inc. Rex, along with John Leitch of Radical Sheep, serve as Executive Producers with Michelle Melanson Cuperus as Supervising Producer. Simon Racioppa and Richard Elliott also serve as Executive Producers and Showrunners. Fangbone is supported by the Bell Digital Pilot Fund and the CMF.