Link: Andrea Martin’s “random roles”


From Will Harris of AV Club:

Andrea Martin on Working The Engels, SCTV, and almost being Liz Lemon’s mom
“Over the course of her career, Andrea Martin has regularly appeared on TV and in films—both in front of the camera and as a voice actress—while also trying to make as much time for stage work as possible. And while she’s certainly proven herself adept at drama, she’s best known for her efforts as a comedian since getting her big break as part of the ensemble of SCTV. In addition to having just wrapped a run in the play Act One at Lincoln Center, which was still in process when she chatted with The A.V. Club, it’s just been announced that she’ll be stepping back into the shoes of Berthe, her Tony-winning role in Pippin, for 24 additional performances in September. For now, however, Martin can be found in cast of the sitcom Working The Engels.” Continue reading.