Much celebrates 30-year anniversary


From a media release:

– Much’s 100 GREATEST VIDEOS EVER highlights iconic videos of last 30 years –
– Much pays homage to 1984 with movie marathons of POLICE ACADEMY, BEVERLY HILLS COP, and REVENGE OF THE NERDS franchises –

TORONTO (August 12, 2014) – In 1984, Prince’s “When Doves Cry” topped the charts, the first Apple Macintosh personal computers landed in stores, fashion was all about aerobics and lace, WHO’S THE BOSS was tops on TV, Madonna’s seminal sophomore album Like A Virgin arrived, and music videos on TV were king. And on August 31, a scrappy little music station was launched that quickly became a community for youth across Canada, thirsting for the latest fix of music and pop culture. Thirty years later, Much takes a look at some of the music and pop culture events that have shaped the channel with the 30-minute special MUCH 30th, premiering Saturday, Aug. 30 at 9 p.m. ET, as well as the 100 GREATEST VIDEOS EVER, starting earlier that day on Saturday, Aug. 30 at 11 a.m. ET.

“Much was a wild and dynamic place to be in the 80s,” said Steve Anthony, Much VJ, 1987-1995. “The MUCH 30th special really shows how through the constantly evolving world of pop culture Much has always been irreverent, cool, and in touch with its audience. It will always be forever young.”

“Every day at Much is a new adventure and MUCH 30th illustrates that,” said Liz Trinnear, current Much VJ. “As a child of the 80s, I know our fans are going to love revisiting some of the events that have shaped Much. Here’s to many more exciting moments to come!”

From legendary icons to incredible unscripted moments, MUCH 30th features current and past Much VJs including Devon Soltendieck, Hannah Sung, Liz Trinnear, Phoebe Dykstra, Steve Anthony, Traci Melchor, and Tyrone Edwards, who share stories and insights from their time on Much. The special revisits some of the biggest and most entertaining happenings in the channel’s 30-year history, including One Direction shutting down the streets around Much HQ in Toronto and giving fans the surprise of a lifetime; a young Mark “Marky Mark” Walhberg stripping down to his skivvies to do abdominal tricks; an interview with Tupac Shakur taped just a week before his death; and Jay Z introducing his then unheard-of protégé, Rihanna, to his fans. The special also includes new interviews with some of the Much audience’s favourite Canadian musicians, including Hedley, k-os, Serena Ryder, and Sam Roberts who recount their times at Much both past and present, as well exclusive anniversary greetings from some of music’s biggest names.


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  1. Going to be quite a celebration there, I guess. Provided they can bus people in to celebrate since nobody works there anymore.

  2. This show was over far too quickly. There was so much more they could’ve expanded on, and they seemed to gloss over just how different it once was compared to how it is now. George S. barely got a mention despite him practically running the station for about five years, some vjs barely got a clip of themselves in. As a thirty-year-old who grew up with this station I am definitely not impressed with how attention deficit we this show actually was. It spat on its own history pretty much.

    1. Totally agree with you. It should have been a lot longer, at least another half an hour.

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