2 thoughts on “Link: What’s so special about specialty channels?”

  1. MuchMusic worked quite well until they were tried to turn into MTV with mostly annoying reality shows. I beg to differ that teens don’t watch music videos on tv. My niece is always watching the newer specialty channel Juicebox TV which only streams music videos 24/7.
    CMT is another channel that aggravates me. I used to know lots of people that watched that channel for the music videos then they switched owners and suddenly the primetime was filled with sitcoms and music videos only aired a fraction of the time. I someone in Calgary would buy it and change it back into a country music channel. A channel like that has no business in Toronto.

  2. Ally

    I think the issue with a country only channel is very few make content anymore now with mussic younger kids still watch music channels the older kids don’t.

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