Link: What would Canadian TV look like without simulcasting?

From Kate Taylor of the Globe and Mail:

Simulcast overshadows Canadian content
“… the system hooks the Canadian networks on U.S. shows and U.S. schedules, dampening their appetite for commissioning Canadian programs and forcing those shows into marginal Saturday-night or summertime slots. So, what would Canadian TV look like if we killed off simulcasting?” Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Link: What would Canadian TV look like without simulcasting?”

  1. I think this issue will be null in a few years when it comes to scripted tv on network television. Ratings in general have been falling drastically, especially in the U.S. As the percentage of people in that coveted 18-49 age group watch more of their tv online through streaming companies such as Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, their will be less incentive to air scriptred tv on networks. Networks will start sticking to sports, reality shows and event shows only. And so maybe there won’t be any scripted shows for Canadian nets to pick up from the U.S. nets. Look at nets like CityTV and FOX which give a huge chunk of their programming slate to sports and reality–58% and 42% respectively.

  2. Alicia

    Depends what sid the feds go with if they say the streaming services have the right to keep going as is you might be right but if they side with the big network that would be a huge blow to the streaming services.

    The other side of it is if the feds side with the like of Amazon etc then the big networks etdc could really up the cost of the programs and many streaming services might not be willing to afford it.

    1. The CRTC should be focussing on streaming services right now and mandating a certain amount of funding towards Cancon. I’m not sure what’s in place now but I’m not unhappy with Netflix’s content. Their library does contain a great deal of Canadian shows and movies and they did bring back Trailer Park Boys as their first original series. What I would like to see is for Rogers, Bell and Shaw, if they do indeed get into the streaming business, they will have requirements for Cancon to fulfill. Make the rules now before the other big players get into the game.

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