Video: Canadian TV delivers

From the Writers Guild of Canada:

Canadian showrunners star in a new video that offers a rare glimpse into the talent and passion that go into creating the hit Canadian shows that thrill millions of fans in Canada and worldwide. From Murdoch Mysteries to Orphan Black to Rookie Blue to Degrassi, experience the excellence of Canadian TV:

Here’s the hard truth: without government policies most Canadian media would not exist. It’s crucial that Canadians understand that there is a choice to be made: support the production of Canadian shows or lose our stories. Use the CRTC’s “Let’s Talk TV” online discussion forum (available until Sept. 19) to tell the commission you care about your Canadian TV.

Great storytelling not only reflects who we are and but it dreams of who we could be,” says WGC president, Jill Golick. “TV is the medium of choice for most Canadians and that’s why we need quality, quantity, and diversity in our TV drama — so we can dream of all we can be.”

Watch Canadian TV Delivers, applaud and share the work of Canadian creators who tell the stories that surprise, inspire and entertain.


2 thoughts on “Video: Canadian TV delivers”

  1. “without government policies most Canadian media would not exist.”

    I really hate this argument. Government media policies have existed in some form or other longer than anyone currently working in the field. You can’t say Canadian media would not exist because that scenario has never been tested. Yeah, it would probably look different, but different isn’t inherently a bad thing.

    I also refuse the premise that crud like “Spun Out” “Package Deal”, “Seed” and Police Procedurals #1-42 – shows that are designed to appeal to a foreign (read: US) audience – are the only things keeping us from complete cultural annihilation.

  2. Christopher, respectfully — go back and read up on how and why the CRBC was created (forerunner to the CBC). And before that, why CFRB (Canada’s first Rogers Battery-less) needed some love to get off the ground.

    And once you’re done with Graham Spry and the classics, you could deke over to reading about how & why Pierre Juneau spearheaded things like Canadian content at both the CBC and the CRTC. There’s a reason why it’s called “the Juno.”

    Nobody’s required to be an expert on all this stuff. But you have an interesting propensity to opine on things on the Twitteh and the Innerwebs that you clearly kinda don’t know much about.

    Your refusal of the premise would have a lot more impact if it showed a bit more erudition on the matter.

    Unless you’re comfy just trolling, in which case fill yer boots.

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