Link: Rick Mercer and Jann Arden set to host CCMAs

From Bill Harris of QMI Agency:

Rick Mercer excited to co-host CCMAs with Jann Arden
“You know, I have a file on my computer of song ideas that I’ve sent to Jann Arden and she refuses to read. Every single time I’ve spent time with Jann Arden (for segments on Rick Mercer Report or otherwise), I’ve suggested, ‘Hey, you and I should write a song together,’ and she quickly changes the subject. That is not an exaggeration.” Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Link: Rick Mercer and Jann Arden set to host CCMAs”

  1. Odd choices for hosts. I was at the CCMAs a few years back in Winnipeg. It was a different experience, like going to a big arena concert except the artists speak to and for the cameras and there’s constant commercial breaks. I heard a really touching performance by Crystal Shawanda though and my mom cried–I had taken her for her birthday.

  2. Aww that’s sweet. Looks like they went for funny high-profile instead of a solid match with the content but I guess that’s the TV friendly thing to do.

    1. Maybe, although the choice of Jann Arden might annoy the country crowd because she’s not a country singer. Rural folk do like Rick Mercer though because he goes everywhere around the country for his show and seems to understand the whole of the country better than most politicians and serious journalists. I’d watch any awards show he hosts, especially the CCMAs.

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