Tonight: Haven, Bachelor Canada premieres

Haven, Showcase – 2-Hour Premiere
Season five of Haven finds the town’s protectors caught up in the shocking aftermath of the season four finale. With Duke fighting to contain the Troubles within him, Nathan faces his greatest fear that Audrey – the woman he’s fought so desperately to save – may be gone forever. The stakes are raised as Audrey’s “original” persona Mara proceeds to unleash a wave of chaos on Haven. Laura Mennell (The Watchmen) joins the cast as Dr. Charlotte Cross, a brilliant CDC epidemiologist who fears the town of Haven is on the verge of a deadly viral outbreak. Check out Greg’s interview with star Lucas Bryant.

The Bachelor Canada, City – Two-hour Season Premiere
Bachelor Tim Warmels begins his quest for love at the stunning Bachelor Canada mansion, where he comes face-to-face with 25 of the country’s most eligible bachelorettes for the first time. It doesn’t take long before emotions start to rage out of control during the first cocktail party of the season, as the bachelorettes find themselves struggling to gain coveted one-on-one time with Tim. In the wake of intense connections, tears, and tension, Tim must make the difficult decision to choose which 15 bachelorettes will continue on in their journey for love. Greg spoke with Tim about Season 2.