Link: Sunnyside set visit

From Bill Brioux:

The Sunnyside of the Canadian comedy scene
It’s been great seeing the Sunnyside on Manitoba. The weather was spectacular Friday on location with the cast and crew of Sunnyside, a promising new sketch comedy series coming to City early in the new year. My old pal Dan Redican–who had the comedy chops as far back as I can remember when we went to Separate schools together in Etobicoke–has teamed up with Gary “Captain” Pearson on a sketch comedy idea so outrageously original I can’t believe somebody in conventional broadcast television gave it the green light. Continue reading.

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One thought on “Link: Sunnyside set visit”

  1. At times I almost miss Winnipeg. I spent 11 years in Manitoba, 4 of them in and around Winnipeg. I might have to check out this Sunnyside series. It sounds interesting although I’ll have to see if it’s my cup of tea. I haven’t been into sketch comedy for years.

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