Tonight: Heartland, Canada’s Smartest Person

Heartland, CBC – “There And Back Again” season premiere
Amy returns from Europe but finds herself struggling to integrate back into life at Heartland and her relationship with Ty.

Canada’s Smartest Person, CBC – season premiere
Canada’s Smartest Person is a whole new way of looking at SMART. It’s not about how smart you are but HOW you are smart. 4 participants are challenged with various tasks that will redefine what it means to be smart based on multiple intelligence theory. Hosted by Jessi Cruickshank, smart has never looked this good. Featuring Colin Mochrie.


One thought on “Tonight: Heartland, Canada’s Smartest Person”

  1. I’ll be tuning into watching Heartland on my DVR once my satellite dish gets hooked up. Just moved to a new place. I’m sitting on the top bunk of my kids bunk beds upstairs with my arms at an interesting angle trying to keep a bar on my cellphone. Heartland has always been a show I watch but it lacks enough depth which is a shame because I’d like to see more family dramas with depth.

    As for Canada’s So-Called Smartest Person, I’m boycotting due to their exclusion of my kind, lol.

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