One person is one step closer to being Canada’s Smartest

From a media release:


  • Next week’s PARTICIPANTS REVEALED alongside Canadian rock star Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace who makes a special guest appearance
  • Test your intelligence with CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person app, available for iOS and Android devices or online at
  • @CanadasSmartest #SmartestPerson

CBC’s new ground-breaking competition series CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON has crowned its first finalist of the season – Albert Tam from Woodbridge, ON (@albeequirky) Tam is a 25-year-old strategic initiatives coordinator at Canada’s National Ballet School and current MBA candidate at Wilfrid Laurier University. Tam is the first CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON competitor to move into the final round.

Tune in next Sunday, October 5 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) for more exciting action as a cheese salesman, a novelist, a stay-at-home mom and a firefighter compete in six new revealing intelligence challenges that go beyond the traditional IQ test or trivia challenge. Plus, catch a special guest appearance by Canadian rock star Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace).

Meet next week’s participants:

  • JP Doiron, a 30-year-old cheese salesman from North Rustico, PEI
  • Alisia Bonnick, a 20-year-old novelist and psychology student from Stouville, ON
  • Rhiannon Jones, a 30-year-old stay-at-home mom from Chilliwack, BC
  • Chris Tessaro, a 51-year-old firefighter from Mississauga, ON

Each week, hosts Jessi Cruickshank (@jessi) and Jeff Douglas (@IAmJeffDouglas) guide viewers through the hour-long competition series, as four new hopefuls battle it out in front of a live studio audience. Each participant must demonstrate their competency in the categories of linguistic, physical, musical, visual, social and logical intelligence in order the claim the title of CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON.

At the time of issuing, Canadians engaging with the CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON app live with the show revealed:

  • When it comes to the gender split it’s a close one Canada, with women averaging 60% and men close behind with 59% over all the challenges for the night
  • Looking at the age range of our players, adults came out on top with 62% of our at-home players being 18 years or older, but kids were a close second with 56% being under 18
  • As for where Canadian strengths lie, it seems that Canada is full of illogical musicians with the top intelligence being Musical at 64% and Logical at the bottom with 30%
  • Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, keep interacting live with the show as you can determine the final leader board standings while also potentially seeing your name on the broadcast as you show us how you are smart.

In between broadcast dates, Canadians can challenge their friends, family, co-workers and others to new challenges daily through the Canada’s Smartest Person App. Keep challenging yourself and watch as your intelligence profile changes.

Based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON, produced by Media Headquarters, features unique intelligence tests that redefine what it means to be smart. Whether it’s using social smarts to detect if a person is telling the truth; musical smarts to play a one-of-a-kind instrument; or logical smarts to work your way through a maze of laser beams, the challenges are fun, mind-bending and ever-changing over all nine episodes.

About CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON digital companion app:
Download the CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON interactive app available now for iOS and Android devices or online at Tune in to the broadcast and play along in real time with each of the challenges. Compare personal results to the series’ competitors and other at-home players across the country. During the week, users can sharpen their skills with special bonus challenges. Share results on Facebook and Twitter @CanadasSmartest #SmartestPerson.