Link: Cara Gee plays dream role in Strange Empire

From CBC:

Q&A: Cara Gee plays “dream role” as gun-toting Métis cowgirl
Cara Gee calls it a “dream role”: a gun-toting Métis cowgirl seeking justice on the Western frontier in 1869. That’s the premise of a new series called Strange Empire, which premieres this Monday on CBC-TV. Landing the starring role in a Canadian TV drama is the latest in a string of accomplishments for the 31-year old Gee, whose mother’s family hails from Curve Lake First Nation in Ontario. Continue reading.


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  1. I’m really glad they made the main hero a Metis woman. Metis history in Canada is rather interesting, especially how the Metis were perceived by different parts of Canada. I have been to the grave of Louis Riel in St. Boniface, commemorated as a hero who stood up for the rights of his people and the rights of people who had already settled the west and I’ve seen a memorium plaque in the historical part of Ottawa congratulating the RCMP and MacDonald on defeating the Metis traitors back during the rebellions. School history books I had growing up , published by people in Southern Ontario, talked about those times as a glorious victory for Canada but out West (the prairies) it’s viewed as just one more example of the East suppressing or imposing upon the west. Now, I’m a history buff and I’ve explored much of Western Canada and I know much of the history, especially in the West, never ended up in history textbooks and I look forward to seeing this show, not for historical accuracy so much (it is still fictional tv after all) but in hopes that it is more Western in voice. Wild Roses, another CBC drama, was a big
    disappointment to me because it came across as a Western-set story with an Eastern voice.

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