Link: Fun facts about Heartland

From Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald:

5 fun facts about Heartland
Heartland is the longest-running hour-long series in the history of Canadian television. Continue reading.

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2 thoughts on “Link: Fun facts about Heartland”

  1. I always wondered what happened to Val Stanton and her son Jesse. My whole family enjoys Heartland. My kids like it for the horses, I like it for the setting and my husband surprisingly (he usually prefers more gruesome fare or reality-based shows like Swamp People or Yukon Men) likes her for the stories. There’s no other show on tv we all like and can watch together. I wish there were more family genre dramas on tv. I keep hoping for a new Little House on the Prairie series, except having it stick more to the events in the book rather than to the old tv series.

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