Link: CBC gets bold with Strange Empire

From Sabrina Furminger of Westender:

‘Strange Empire’ a bold new direction for CBC
Westerns have long been told from the perspective of the fortune-hunting white male living the “Go west, young man” dream. Sure, women (not to mention minorities) sacrificed and bled for Canadian westward expansion, too, but we haven’t heard their stories – at least, not until now, and we’ve got the national broadcaster to thank for this historic moment. In the aftermath of well-publicized budget cuts, CBC Television is making a bold statement with Strange Empire, the groundbreaking series from the mind and pen of veteran TV scribe Laurie Finstad Knizhnik (Durham County). Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: CBC gets bold with Strange Empire”

  1. I’m so disappointed in last week’s numbers for the premiere. I was hoping that with the Murdoch Mysteries lead in that the show could have at least retained 3/4s of the viewers. However, Monday is such a packed night and the competition is fierce. I wonder what the pvr numbers are. I always get so frustrated because the shows I like most usually get cancelled quickly or they spend their series runs on the bubble, always in danger of cancellation.

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