Omnifilm programs at MIPCOM

From a media release:

Omnifilm Entertainment and its distribution entity Omnifilm Releasing will bring to MIPCOM new programming completed over the past year, as well as several projects in advanced development.

Returning with six successful seasons is ICE PILOTS NWT, a 73 x 60 docu-series for History Television, which follows the wild adventures of renegade Yellowknife airline Buffalo Airways and the determined crew that risks everything to haul passengers and cargo in the unforgiving North. Ice Pilots has been a homegrown success story for History since season one, showcasing the unique characters and environment of Canada’s North. The syndication-ready series already airs in 62 countries, with a large following in Australia, Scandinavia, the UK, Germany, Eastern Europe and the US.

Omnifilm has also just completed its first series shot and posted entirely in Ultra High Definition 4K resolution. NAMASTE YOGA is the world’s premier yoga television series, an immersive 52 x 30 fitness experience that features stunning visuals, original music, and authentic yoga sequences. Seasons 3 and 4, (26 x 30) produced this summer in 4K/UHD, are being brought to the international market for the first time and have recently premiered in Canada on the ONE: Body, Mind Spirit Love channel. Previous seasons have successfully aired internationally for several years.

Omnifilm Releasing is also featuring JADE CITY, a new 12 x 30 docu-series for Discovery. This newest addition to the “Northern mining” factual television subgenre follows intrepid characters Claudia and Robin Bunce, owners of a large jade mining claim and jade tourist shop in remote Jade City in Northern BC. They shotgun beer, ride ATV’s, have cook-outs… and oh yes, they mine million dollar boulders of jade for a Chinese market that values the green gemstone more than gold! Jade City has already been sold to Foxtel Australia and Viasat.

In partnership with Betafilm, Omnifilm Releasing is bringing 3 seasons of ARCTIC AIR (34 x 60 min) to MIPCOM. In the latest season, ARCTIC AIR takes on a search-and-rescue contract with each mission bringing new and unexpected challenges. Avalanche rescue missions, aerial bombing runs, police chases, and outlaws aboard a DC-3 – just another day at ARCTIC AIR.

Omnifilm is also presenting several new factual series in development at MIPCOM, including BEAR STORIES, a half-hour docu-series following a family that rescues and rehabilitates bear cubs and releases them back into the wild in remote northern British Columbia, as well as a half-hour cooking/comedy/competition show. In addition, Omnifilm is developing a new series with Mikey McBryan, the talented star of ICE PILOTS NWT.

On the youth programming side, Omnifilm is relaunching an updated version of their award-winning youth series, MAKE SOME NOISE, which takes full advantage of online content sharing and social media.

Omnifilm’s drama development slate of hour-long renewable series includes DARK WITCH, a provocative adaptation of Nora Roberts’ New York Times bestselling trilogy; CORRECTIVE MEASURES, based on a series of Arcana graphic novels about a mysterious prison for criminals with superpowers; PACIFIC SPIRIT, a family series set at a marine mammal rescue center, developed for CBC in partnership with the Vancouver Aquarium; BEOWULF, based on the epic poem, and developed for TMN/Movie Central; and STEEL BEACH, a high octane drama set five minutes in the future in a new “wild west”.


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      1. Interesting that Pacific Spirit is linked to CBC. Its a smart move considering the success they’ve had with Heartland. I wonder if none of Strange Empire, Camp X, Book of Negroes or Ascension do well, they might just shift to becoming more of a family network. It would supply a niche that isn’t really being filled anywhere else. There’s channels aimed at kids, preteens, teens, adults, men and women but not really to families. Although I really like the look of all their new dramas, I don’t have much hope of success.

  1. Ok. Thanks. I guess they’re probably waiting for a copro partner or something.

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