Link: Heartland perfectly fills ‘teacup drama’ niche

From James Bawden:

Heartland: A CBC Winner For Sure
Sunday night marks a big anniversary for CBC-TV’s perennial family drama Heartland.
That’s because with its 125th episode it will finally surpass CBC’s Street Legal as the network’s longest continuing hour TV drama. It still has quite a ways to overtake Beachcombers which ran for 17 seasons but in a half hour format. Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Link: Heartland perfectly fills ‘teacup drama’ niche”

  1. Road to Avonlea might be my fave Canadian series ever. I still watch reruns sometimes and it’s just a show that still warms my heart after all this time. And watching it now as an adult I see the stories and characters in a whole different light. I watch Heartland too and have watched from the beginning. My oldest daughter, who is 5, was not even born when it started but it’s maybe the only non-cartoon/kid’s show she likes to watch. She knows all the characters’ names and loves all the animals.

  2. I loved Road to Avonlea but I think I either felt I grew out of it before it ended or it was a period when I didn’t have a TV, because I didn’t see later seasons. I think that kind of programming fills a much needed niche, even if it’s not a niche I have much more than nostalgia for – family programming that’s truly for adults and kids is harder to find nowadays.

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