Link: The Degrassi success story

From James Bawden:

Degrassi: A Canadian TV Success Story
Linda Schuyer and I, we go way, way back. I first met her when she was producing her first series The Kids Of Degrassi Street in 1979. I was still with The Hamilton Spectator in those days and Linda had until recently been a senior public school teacher at Earl Grey school in Riverdale. The Kids Of Degrassi ran over five seasons (until 1984) for a grand total of only 24 episodes. It was a different series for kids, filmed on the menacing streets of south Riverdale and starring a gaggle of young amateurs who were well nigh irresistible. Continue reading.

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One thought on “Link: The Degrassi success story”

  1. I always let the episodes build up on my DVR and then I binge-watch them. At 31, I shouldn’t still be watching a show about high school kids but I can’t help it. The show just keeps me enthralled. Degrassi is my third-favourite Canadian show of all time, behind only Road to Avonlea and North of 60.

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