Link: Carmen Moore previews the fourth season of Blackstone

From Sabrina Furminger:

Several months have passed since Carmen Moore wrapped on the fourth season of Blackstone, but the experience – exhausting as it was – is still vivid in her mind.

“We shoot eight, one-hour episodes in six weeks, and it’s an adrenaline rush for the whole six weeks that we’re going,” says the Vancouver actress in a recent phone chat. “And then, it ends, and then you have time to process your emotions and what you’ve been through, and then you sleep for two weeks.” Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Carmen Moore previews the fourth season of Blackstone”

  1. The heart of the series for me is the relationship between Leona and Gail. The intro of their mom was good and now I’m excited to see what happens when their brother enters the mix .

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