Link: Strange Empire just isn’t strange enough

From D.K. Latta:

Strange Empire (airing Mondays) is arguably intended as the jewel in the crown of the CBC’s fall season. Yet its ratings were around 300,000 and, according to some reports, have actually dipped below 250,000.

Why is it struggling? And can something be done?

Those invested in a struggling series will blame everything except the show itself. Those who dislike it will blithely say: it sucks, man! Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Strange Empire just isn’t strange enough”

  1. I’ve been rather disappointed in the show since the pilot. I thought the pilot was strong but since it I’ve at times found the show too bogged down in being dark and adult and the pacing has been downright annoying at times. I don’t think enough time was spent in establishing the setting and characters and the history buff in me also keeps me knawing at the flaws. I also hate the pattern of speech and wish the writer would have gone for a more modern type of dialogue. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do like the show but I think it lacks heart. There needs to be more romance for one, something viewers can root for. I’d also like to see less of Isabelle, a whiney and idiotic character that bugs me so much I want to fast forward through her scenes. John Spotter, too, strikes me as a weak character. Perhaps the biggest flaw in this show is that with all the strong female characters, there’s a lack of strong male characters.

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