Tonight: Blackstone, Bachelor Canada

Blackstone, APTN
Andy is threatened in prison while his family attempts to make it on their own. Leona councils the youth of Blackstone after the fire, and Gail struggles to cope with the stabbing.

The Bachelor Canada, City – “Season Finale, Part 1”
April and Trish are the last women left standing, but will nerves mean one of them backs out at the last minute?


One thought on “Tonight: Blackstone, Bachelor Canada”

  1. Will DVR Blackstone tonight and if time will watch later. It’s one of the only shows my other half will actually watch. I watch the show for the sisters storyline between Gail and Leona and he watches for the Andy storylines. I think the show benefits from a good mix of “male” storylines and “female” storylines, and at times it seems that we are watching two different shows but the dichotomy serves it well as the show, on a smaller network, can’t afford to be niche to one gender.

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