Link: The Polar Sea lets viewers experience the Arctic

From Michael Oliveira of the Globe and Mail:

The Polar Sea documentary looks to snag viewers with new technology
It’s a 10-part TV documentary series, an interactive Web doc, an online magazine and a virtual-reality experiment. The producers behind The Polar Sea, which follows a trio of middle-aged amateur sailors on an ambitious and arduous voyage through the Northwest Passage, don’t really care how people experience their investigation into climate change in the Arctic. But they are proud that the main attraction, the television documentary, is getting so much airtime. Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Link: The Polar Sea lets viewers experience the Arctic”

  1. TVO is a pretty limited audience. My kids used to watch kids shows on TVO but the channel disappeared from our Bell satellite guide last year.

      1. The Polar Sea is available to the rest of Canada via TVO’s website. And the credits list Knowledge Network as a producer, so it will be on there eventually.

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