Bell Media Reveals Canadian First-Look Strategy for “Project Latte”


From a media release:

Bell Media announced today a first-look strategy for its subscription on demand video streaming service that will see episodes of original Canadian series premiere on “Project Latte” 24 hours in advance of their network television premieres. The announcement was made as Bell Media revealed the premium Canadian scripted content that will be available on the service, representing the most-acclaimed and most-watched original primetime programming in Canada. It was also confirmed today that CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE will be the first Canadian program to receive a first-look screening on “Project Latte” ahead of its linear television premiere.

The first-look strategy is designed to provide crucial samplings of episodes ahead of their regular network airings, while providing an additional platform to proudly showcase Canada’s independent productions. Series that receive first-look screenings will stack on “Project Latte” for their entire current-season run, which will be immediately complementary to the past-season episodes also on the service.

In 2015, Bell Media original productions SAVING HOPE, MOTIVE, SPUN OUT, and more will receive a first-look premiere on “Project Latte,” becoming the only titles on the service with past and in-season episodes available. The announcement comes as additional drama titles were announced for “Project Latte,” and on the eve of a major announcement tomorrow confirming final details for the service.

With more than 40 titles comprising nearly 1,000 assets at launch, “Project Latte” will feature more primetime original Canadian television programming than any other similar service. At launch, premium, non-kids Canadian programming on “Project Latte” will total more than 12% of the service’s entire catalogue, with more original content to be added regularly.

Curated to reflect “Project Latte’s” commitment to premium TV programming, Canadian titles announced today represent more than 200 Canadian Screen Award nominations.

Canadian Scripted Programming on “Project Latte”

Recently renewed for a fourth season, SAVING HOPE is currently Canada’s most-watched original drama series, with an average audience of 1.5 million viewers on CTV. SAVING HOPE will be featured in “Project Latte’s” first-look strategy, where new episodes will appear on the service 24 hours in advance of their linear TV debut. At launch, 41 episodes will be available.

DEGRASSI is simply one of the most successful original dramas in Canadian television history. Seen around the world and the recipient of a Peabody Award, the Emmy-nominated series will live in “Project Latte’s” Teen Drama category.

All three seasons and 29 episodes of the Golden Globe Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning historical drama and international co-production THE BORGIAS (2011-2013) will be featured.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Bell Media previously announced its Sci-Fi & Fantasy collection would exclusively feature some of its most successful original productions:
· ORPHAN BLACK, the conspiracy clone thriller and smash hit international success starring Tatiana Maslany.
· BITTEN, Space’s most-watched original series of all time about the world’s only female werewolf.
· And the upcoming KILLJOYS, the interplanetary space drama from ORPHAN BLACK producers Temple Street Productions.

Bell Media announced today that the unedited theatrical cut of the upcoming feature film CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE, to be released in cinemas nationwide tomorrow, will have a special first-look, advance screening window on “Project Latte” before making its linear television debut.

One of the most successful original comedy series in Canadian history, all 107 episodes and six seasons of the CTV hit CORNER GAS (2004-2009) will also live on “Project Latte.”

Both the complete first season and the upcoming second season of Dave Foley’s current original comedy SPUN OUT, returning in early 2015 on CTV, will be available.

Crime & Mystery
“Project Latte’s” previously announced Crime & Mystery Collection will also feature hit original programming from Bell Media:
With an average audience of 1.3 million viewers, the CTV crime procedural MOTIVE is one of Canada’s most-watched original dramas. All 26 episodes of the first and second seasons, along with weekly first-look episodes from the upcoming third season, will be featured.

One of the most successful original drama series of all time, FLASHPOINT (2008-2012) has been credited with advancing the renaissance in Canadian TV drama. All five seasons and 75 episodes will be available on “Project Latte.”

Licensed in over 120 markets and seen in 33 languages, CTV’s THE LISTENER is one of Canada’s most successful drama series. “Project Latte” will feature all 65 episodes from the series’ five seasons (2009-2014).

Returning for its second season in early 2015, “Project Latte” proudly features the critically acclaimed police drama 19-2, Bravo’s #1 new series of 2014, and a Top 3 program overall.