Tonight: This Hour Has 22 Years, Just for Laughs, Mohawk Girls

This Hour Has 22 Years, CBC
A one-hour look back over 22 years of one of the most beloved and popular shows in Canadian television history. Some of the series’ most controversial and memorable moments are revealed through new interviews with current and former cast and the politicians that were the source of their comedic material. Appearances by Cathy Jones, Mary Walsh, Greg Thomey, Shaun Majumder, Mark Critch, Susan Kent, Jean Chretien, Thomas Mulcair, Brian Mulroney, Peter MacKay, Carolyn Parrish, Stockwell Day, Justin Trudeau and many more.

Just For Laughs:Mega Stars Vol 2, CBC
From Montreal’s famed Just For Laughs Festival comes a larger-than-life showcase of today’s biggest and brightest comedic talent. A show so big it had to be split in two. Volume 2 features performances from Mike Wilmot, Ron White, Loni Love, and Tommy Tiernan.

Mohawk Girls, APTN
“Lobster Club” Bailey forces herself to date Mr. Mediocre but has more fun with new friend Jack. If only he wasn’t white. When Anna and Thunder are seen together, rumour spreads that they’re a couple. Zoe’s secret lover asks about her bedroom fantasies but she has no idea what they are. Caitlin takes Butterhead back and is on cloud nine.
“Tube Steak” – Zoe pushes the boundaries in the bedroom but when she pushes too far, she freaks herself out. Alienated from the girls, Anna finds friendship in an unlikely place – with mean girl Vicky and her posse. Caitlin’s joy at being back together with Butterhead starts to wear off. Bailey is happy dating white guy Jack… ‘til her friends find out.