Link: Republic of Doyle drives into the sunset

From Bill Brioux:

O yeah! Doyle drives off into the sunset after six seasons
This was a series that was easy to embrace for me right from the beginning. For one thing, it wasn’t another formulaic, procedural, Canadian cop show mimicking a formulaic, procedural, American cop show. It screamed St. John’s, Newfoundland, in all that city’s pink and green glory. It paid homage to the great detective shows of the ’70s, especially The Rockford Files, so there was a retro coolness about it. It was a welcome hour of crime-bustin’ action in an era when dark, anti-hero edginess was starting to feel, for me at least, a tad overplayed. Given the choice between riding shotgun in Jake Doyle’s GTO, or astride a Harley with the Sons of Anarchy dudes, I’ll take the bench seat in the Pontiac, thanks. Continue reading.