Link: Blood and belonging in the Book of Negroes

From Brian Bethune of Maclean’s Magazine:

Blood and belonging in the Book of Negroes
For a historical artifact essentially forgotten for more than two centuries, the Book of Negroes has taken on a remarkable contemporary life since it inspired Lawrence Hill’s award-winning and much-loved novel of the same name in 2007. Even its very title became a bone of politically charged contention. Now, both document and novel resonate more than ever, during yet another fraught period in American race relations, as Hill’s epic tale of freedom for some and slavery for others comes to TV in an exquisite six-part series showing on CBC in Canada and Black Entertainment Television in the United States. Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Link: Blood and belonging in the Book of Negroes”

  1. Good article. I’m getting really excited for this miniseries to air. It looks terrific. I first heard about the historical document (The Book of Negroes) during an episode of Who Do You Think You Are when Measha Bruegergosman was searching her family roots and as a result I came upon Lawrence Hill’s book. I never actually got to read the full book because my house burnt down with the book in it but I recall really liking the part I read and I’m excited to see it on TV.

    1. I’m excited for it too – great book and interesting slice of history (I hadn’t heard of the historical document until the book). And I’ve heard good things for the mini-series so fingers crossed.

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